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Electrician Apprenticeship

University Entrance Degree

Computerscience in Media

First I made an apprenticeship as an Electrician. Just after finishing my degree I went back to school and worked part time  at the same Company I worked  as an Apprentice . With the University Entrance Certificate I decided to choose after my desired work qualification and not because of money or a save workplace in the future. I always wanted to become an artist, but still managed to have the technical part in my further Education. That's the motivation behind my studies in Computerscience for Media.

From the trade of installing Light to the art of creating Light& Shadows with a computer

Art, Photography, Cinemathography, Movies and Computers are my Passion. No wonder, that I love the craftsmanship of Visual Effects since I were a kid.

No worries, I still do sports to keep me Fit for traveling further through the world.

I love to hike and enjoy the beautyful nature.Occasionally I use my mountainbike and play tennis.

Photography brought me back to the roots of My desire

Currently I studie in Furtwangen and try hard to become a professional in the Film industry

My interests in Visual Effects were created through movies like Star Wars and Jurassic Park, which were both crafted from Industrial Light and Magic.

My University offers me a great oppertunity to go deeper into the process of creating Visual Effects.

Visual Effects is what I am going for

Software Skills

Photoshop, Lightroom - 8 years Experience
Maya/Blender/Cinema 4D/ Mudbox/ Nuke/ Renderman/ Mental Ray - 1 years Experience
After Effects/ Premiere Pro/ Davinci Resolve - 5 years Experience
Windows/ Macintosh - 15 years Experience
Programing Languages- Java/ Python - 1 years Experience

Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts.
Garry Winogrand